Traveling to Mexico during a pandemic

I just returned from Cabo San Lucas last week. This was my first time traveling outside of the United States since the pandemic. I made the reservation back in June, so I was literally counting the days before we took off for Mexico.

Does travel look different…YES! Do I think that there is a silver lining that can be found in the land of travel…YES! Do I think all destinations and resorts are responding the same…NO!

Every country now has its own rules and regulations to travel, and they are changing all the time. Even in the United States, the rules and travel regulations are different for each state. Yes, a bit overwhelming, but hey, that is why I am here!

We stayed at Le Blanc Los Cabos for 5 nights, and I could not have asked for a more relaxing and pampering experience. The moment we entered this luxury resort, we were greeted with flowers, fresh coconut drinks, and a warm pack to wrap over your shoulders why you checked in. We arrived a bit earlier in the day, so we went down to start diving into the culinary delights at Blanc Ocean. I am from Colorado, and so when I can get fish, I dive in! The ceviche was so fresh, we ordered a few different types. Our room was ready after lunch, so it was time to get the swimsuit on and check out the beautiful pools of this tranquil resort.

Our butler escorted us to our honeymoon oceanview suite. As we opened our door, we broke the seal that showed us that our room was sanitized and no one had been in our room since then; this was a nice peace of mind. As we entered the stately room, I was immediately sucked in the plush linens and designer decor. In the bath, we had BVLGARI amenities, and then our butler showed us the comfort menu. I ordered my aromatherapy to be placed in my room that evening, a few extra pillows, and a lavender pillow. I loved this special touch as Le Blanc understands the attention to detail.

Down at the main pool, we ordered a drink and found some loungers. Right now, Cabo is allowed to have an occupancy of 50%, so finding a chair at 1:00 was not an issue. However, Le Blanc only has 369 rooms; under “normal” circumstances, I don’t think finding a chair would be difficult. The main pool is slightly heated, and so it was nice to take in some sun and dip in the pool.

Le Blanc has 7 restaurants, Blanc Cafe, a coffee and pastry shop, and many different bars. We were able to dine at every restaurant on site. I was asked what my favorite signature restaurant was, my answer is this. I loved the flavors of the Lebanese restaurant Mezze. The Turkish coffee was something that I had never had before. The steak at Blanc International was prepared perfectly and probably the best steak I have had in Mexico. Blanc Asia has a beautiful selection of sushi and alluring Japanese, Thai and Chinese dishes. Blanc Italia’s sauces were delightful, and the pasta is freshly made onsite. Last was Lumiere, the french restaurant, an elegant, intimate experience with a 7-course tasting menu and wine pairing. To top off my Lumiere experience, I finished with a to die for souffle, the best I have ever had. So I would say all the restaurants were my favorite!

We had a wonderful time experiencing the infinity pool overlooking the ocean where whales would breach, and hundreds of stingrays would leap from the sea toward sunset. Each day around 3 o’clock, I awaited the churro cart for my freshly made churro rolled in a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. My husband’s delight was the ice cream cart. However, we both agreed that the poolside mixologist made the most amazing drinks, and just a treat to watch him create a work of art for me to enjoy.

There is so much to experience at this resort. Le Blanc has done a fantastic job creating a luxury resort where they cater to the details without invading your space. Relaxing and reconnecting is what the adults-only, all-inclusive resort is all about.

To top off my relaxation for the week, I enjoyed an 80-minute massage in the Blanc Spa, and after complimentary hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy adventure began with a cinnamon-infused sauna. From there, you head into the ice room to snap your pores shut, leaving skin tingling and refreshed, then into the starlit steam room with iridescent tiles and a cold compress on your eyes. This is followed by a full-body shower where the temperature switches from cold to warm. About 10 minutes on the heated loungers to completely relax every sense, then you are brought into the hydrotherapy pools with hot, cold, and pressure therapy at your leisure. This holistic ‘health through water’ treatment, inspired by traditional Greco-Roman rituals, is meant to provide a relaxing and stimulating feeling all over the body.

Our time at Le Blanc couldn’t have been more relaxing, we really enjoyed every moment. The staff at Le Blanc had masks on the whole time, and everyone at the resort gave each other the distance. In restaurants, you wear your mask until you are seated and then again when you leave the restaurant.

Throughout our stay, one thing that stood out to me was how perfectly Le Blanc thought through bringing a vacation feel amid a pandemic. Not once did we feel unsure or unsafe of our surroundings, but the entire time there was also a beautiful balance of relaxation and safety that was top notch. To the whole of Le Blanc staff, thank you, and I will be back.
If you need to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate, Le Blanc will not disappoint. Please contact me about this resort or other locations that will fit your 2021 travel plans’ needs.


November 16, 2021

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