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Let's Connect

Let's turn your dream into a destination. To get started, fill out our Client Intake form; I want to learn more about you and your upcoming trip. Over the years, I've learned that everyone holds a different image of luxury. My goal is to learn more about what will make this a luxurious experience for you. Tell me about your previous experiences; I want to know your favorites and when things didn't go as envisioned.

Time to Curate

Sea La Vie is more than just another travel agency. It's more like having an all-inclusive travel designer who works with you to co-create an unforgettable luxury experience.

We will compose an itinerary/proposal with various fully-vetted options for your review, including hotels, tours, experiences, transportation, etc. So here is where you come in, time to sit back, grab a drink and view the carefully curated itinerary.

It's All in The details

The true delight is the details; we will work together on modifying and updating the itinerary to create a perfect fit! Once you approve, we will confirm all the reservations on your behalf and work behind the scenes to get every detail fine-tuned. Your job now is to decide what to wear and pack!

Making Memories

As your vacation approaches, I will provide you with up-to-date protocols, travel forms, and testing requirements to make your vacation as seamless as possible. 
It doesn't end once I send you on your way. I'm with you through every mile of your trip to help you sidestep any potential issues that might arise during your trip.

Let's get started

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Until Next Time

Upon your return home, we look forward to hearing about your travels. We want to know all the best parts of the trip. Also, we want to hear about any feature that you would change. Our client relationships are so important to us that we hope that we will work with you time
and time again.


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