Hello, I am Andrea!

World traveler, mother, wife, friend, and founder of your favorite luxury travel agency Sea La Vie.

I love what I do. Is that a cliche? Every day I get to work with beautiful, hungry souls who appreciate the little things, love luxury, and can’t get enough stamps in their passports. Every time one of my clients leaves for their trip, I feel the same anticipation and excitement.

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My Specialities Include...

Reconnection Travel

Group Trips

Celebration Travel

family vacations

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Romance Travel

My upcoming Trips:

I am traveling constantly scouting out the best properties and destinations for you, my clients! Be sure to follow along on my upcoming trips at @SealavieTravel

december 2021


February 2022

Puerto Vallarta

March 2022

Danube River cruise

december 2021

Christmas Market River Cruise

March 2022


October 2022

Panama Canal Cruise

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